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Operation Procedure of Rockwell Apparatus HR—150A

2015/6/10 11:13:27 Comments Visitors

1. Before the test, the standard block is used to correct the hardness meter. Do the test after making sure everything is right.
2. The product to be measured and the surface of test rig should be kept smooth and clean, no dirt, cracks or pits, to prevent the wrong test result.
3. The appropriate test rig should be chosen based on the size and shape of the specimen.
4. Put the specimen on the test rig, clockwise rotation making the test rig and specimen rise to touch the pressure head. Dial pointer starts to rotate, the big pointer rotates 3 rounds, and stops. Push the hand shank of the unloading test force backward, the pointer starts to move to stop.
5. In the hardness test, after applying test force, and the force value is stable, upload force. Thus, ensuring the accuracy of the hardness value. When changing specimen, use hand to protect the drill bit from being hurt.
6. After the completion, the hardness tester should be kept clean, the hardness tester and the pressure head should be coated with anti rust oil, in order to prevent rust.